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Starting the 2017-2018 academic year, the Prisma Health Richland Department of Emergency Medicine will be offering an International Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship track. This unique opportunity focuses on the destinctive skills needed to integrate an ultrasound program into the International Emergency Medicine (IEM) environment. This fellowship will be one of only a handful available in the country to provide you with the necessary skills needed to practice in resource-limited settings. The Prisma Health Richland Department of Emergency Medicine has been a leader in emergency ultrasound since 1997. Additionally, our residency has a long history of global health development and parnerships with several international institiutions, including the nonprofit organization OneWorld Health.

It has been reported by the WHO that nearly 60% of the worlds population has no access to medical imaging. Because of its portability and real-time imaging, ultrasound allows for the physician to both obtain and interpret the images that can directly impact patient care in the most austere environments.

The mission of the International Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship is to develop emergency physicians dedicated to global health into better clinicians and educators with expertise in the wide application of ultrasound medicine.

To achieve these goals, we offer the following:

  • State-of-the-art facilities in the US
  • Established relationship with world recognized leaders in international emergency medicine
  • Dedicated support on the department, hospital, and university levels
  • Fellowship trained Global Health and Ultrasound Faculty
  • 7 ultrasound systems in the ED and 3 dedicated Philip's Lumify machines for travel purposes
  • Clarius and Butterfly
  • Opportunity to pursue a diploma in tropical medicine from University of Glasgow in Scotland
  • Masters degree in public health, infectious disease, or global health policy if desired
  • Great compensation and benefits 

Partnered with 3rd Rock Ultrasound, leaders in emergency ultrasound education, your training will include:

  • Trauma
  • Abdominal pathology
  • Cardiac
  • Ob/Gyn
  • FASH (focused assessment with sonography for HIV)
  • Pulmonary
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Procedures




Completion of Training 
Upon completion of training the fellow will receive a certificate of fellowship training from Prisma Health Richland and the University of South Carolina.  The fellow will also receive a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygeine (DTM&H) fter successful completion of the University of Glasgow course and passing the DTM&H exam which is held in London each April. 

Fellowship applications will be accepted after September 1 of the year preceding the year of training. An interview is required prior to selection for training. Selection for training is determined by the emergency department faculty. Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships are utilizing the NRMP Match process as of 2018.

Length of Training 
The fellowship will be 1 year in length, but can be extended to 2 years if the candidate is interested in pursuing a Master's degree. The start date is negotiable, but will typically begin on or about 1 July of each year. 

Applicant Qualifications
All applicants must have graduated from an ACGME accredited emergency medicine residency and be board-certified or board-eligible with the American Board of Emergency Medicine. In addition, the applicant must qualify for South Carolina Medical Licensure. Applicants must complete an application and submit three letters of recommendation for training. One of these letters must be from the applicant’s residency program director. Applicants are not required to have prior experience with clinical ultrasound use, but previous experience will be considered in the selection process.






  • Develop clinical expertise in EUS
  • All primary applications of EUS
  • Secondary applications including:
    • Ultrasound-guided procedures
    • Critical Care ultrasound
    • Advanced Cardiac
    • Pulmonary
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Vascular ultrasound
    • Resuscitation
  • Develop necessary skills to work effectively in resource-limited settings 
    • Broaden knowledge in tropical medicine
    • Setting-specific ultrasound applications (FASH exam, 3rd trimester, etc.)
    • Cross-cultural collaboration
    • Context-specific practice integration 
  • Develop educational skills to instruct clinicians in ultrasound techniques
    • Educational software skills
    • Video and Image management skills
    • Public speaking
    Develop administrative skills to direct EUS program
    • Image archiving
    • Physician credentials
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Curriculum development
  • Involvement with National Organizations that promote EUS and Global Health 
    • American College of Emergency Physicians
    • Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
    • American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
    • ACEP section on International Emergency Medicine



  • Ultrasound Examinations
    • Perform a minimum of 1000 reviewed studies over the course of fellowship
    • Rotations with echocardiology and vascular ultrasound 
    • Focus on 3rd trimester pregnancy, FASH exam, and tropical medicine specific findings
  • FPD with ABM
  • Education and Lectures
    • Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) from University of Glasgow 
    • Annual journal club assignment (with EUSF director)
    • Optional participation in outside CME course (The Emergency Ultrasound Course)
  • International Field Work
    • Opportunities to teach EUS with partner institutions in Tanzania, Madagascar, Nicaragua and coming in 2019-20 Guatamala
    • Collaboration with partners at OneWorld Health 
    • Sholarly project in a resource-limited setting encouraged 
  • Clinical Instruction
    • Bedside instruction in the emergency department 
    • EM residents and USC medical students on ultrasound rotation 
  • 800 hours per year as clinical attending in the Palmetto Health Emergency Department
  • Administrative Duties
    • Departmental ultrasound QA and exam review
    • Working with EUSF director to administer resident EUS rotation




Ultrasound Equipment     

  • 3 Philips Lumify (curved linear, linear, and phased array) - Dedicated u/s for international travel 
  • Sonosite , 7 in the ED
  • Ultrasound Office Space 
  • Simulation Medicine Center - Vimidex and SonoSim ultrasound simulators