our residents

Class of 2024


Halley Albert, MD
Marshall University

Tim Attride, DO
Lincoln College of Osteopathic Medicine
Katelynn Baska, DO
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Zachary Boynton, MD
University of South Florida

Meg Cahill, MD
University of Texas at San Antonio

Hayley Gerber, DO
LECOM Pennsylvania

Madden Leaman, MD
USC Columbia
Kaitlyn Mamak, MD
USC Columbia
Danielle Price, DO
VCOM Virginia

Joshua Richmond, MD
Medical College of South Carolina


Connor Schweitzer, MD
University of North Dakota

Meredyth Shaffer, DO
VCOM Virginia
Anna Zmuda, MD
USC Columbia

Class of 2025


Ashley Axson, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

Kaitlin Brown, MD
USC Greenville
Michael Cox, DO
Liberty University
Kayla Ferguson, MD
USC Columbia

Erin Gatrone, MD
USC Columbia

Christian Go, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School

Ryan Hatfield, MD
East Carolina
Brendan Lutz, MD
USC Columbia
Sireen Momoni, DO
VCOM Virginia

Michael Nelems, MD
VCOM Carolinas


Tony Patel, MD
USC Columbia

Micheal Spates, DO
Campbell University
Christopher Wolz, DO
Chicago COM

Class of 2026


Tyler Bunting, MD
University of South Carolina

Eric Decker, DO
Alabama COM
Rocco DiSanto, MD
Virginia Tech
Quinn Frier, MD
Florida State University

Melanie Haro, MD
Wright State University

Matthew Holman, MD
University of Central Florida

Taylor Hood, MD
University of Louisville
Caitlin Horne, MD
University of Alabama
Cody Magnuson, MD
Ohio State University

Jacob McKenna, DO
Alabama COM


Ionut Pupazan, MD
University of South Carolina

Liza Romero, DO
VCOM Carolina
Caleb Shields, MD
Medical University of South Carolina